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Great Parental Applications to Keep Teens Safe

It is a scary phenomenon that is being experienced when it comes to teenagers and the Internet especially when it comes to their parents. Almost every teenager now can access a device that allows them to access the Internet. There are better ways as a parent to ensure that you monitor your child’s activity to avoid exposing them to different content on the Internet. The best thing about the only issue is that the market sells applications that can help you experience to protect your teenagers from gaining access to sites that are not good for them. Discussed below are some great applications to help keep your teens safe.

There is a lot of inappropriate information on the internet today that is so scary if children have access to it and like any other parent, you should think of investing in Secure Teen. This company providing this app understands well the danger of such exposure hence giving you control to monitor everything the child can access online through filtering the info blocking it completely.

In case you want to have a remote access to the content that children have, then invest in Net Nanny. You can always block any website that you don’t want your child to access, such as content on suicide, guns, and many others as it sends the alert to your app.

In case, you are always on the run because of tight schedules, you should invest in Qustodio because it keeps you up-to-date with the current activities of your child. If you’re to be aware of what is going on, on the social media including Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, this application is the best. The best thing about this app is it allows you to set a time limit on which the team can access the Internet.

You should also think of investing in TeenSafe which is one of the greatest up as it allows you to monitor Internet messages, but also know where the child is as it has a GPS to help you do so. This is great especially when you want your team to be safe when driving as you also it helps you build honesty in your children.

You can also choose to invest in WebWatcher which helps you monitor the cell phone activity especially when the child is connecting dangerous people or content on the Internet. It also helps you monitor the location, through GPS history, monitor applications installed on the cell phone as well as in calls or messages.

If your child is using the old models of mobile phones, then you should invest in Mobistealth which helps you monitor such models. Bark application can also be relevant for your experience because it can help you monitor different content on social media platforms such as YouTube videos, text messages, and emails.