Open and closed proxy servers


Actually, the term of proxy server signifies an intermediary between the device and server that hides the true author of the message from the public. Using proxy servers delivers various benefits for working on the Internet for the users that in some sense improves the whole process and enhances the results. Such proxy seller services as  provide a good opportunity to buy proxies at a reasonable price in a convincing manner.

In general, all proxy servers can be divided into two essential categories, open proxies, and closed types.

  • Open are those servers that any user of the Internet can access.
  • Closed proxy servers are the opposites.

Getting a closer look at the proxies of open type, these kinds of proxy servers include anonymous and normal types. An open proxy server is entitled as a server that permits any network host or client to virtually address different network hosts through itself. It should be also indicated that when the traffic price is different on different networks, an open proxy server that is located in its own network is used to obtain more costly traffic from another network. For instance, some users from Russia who have restrictions for getting an access to foreign websites on job purposes can obtain this access via an open proxy server. These proxy servers are provided by the reliable proxy-seller website that can guarantee high-quality services.

Whereas, all the open proxy servers are divided into two general subtypes:

  • An anonymous open proxy is considered to be a server who hides the original IP addresses of the users and thereby provides a possibility to use the services of the Internet in an anonymous way.
  • Ordinary open proxies actually do not hide any information from anyone and give the actual user’s IP address and all other ordinary data.

In regard to the operation speed of open proxies, it can be substantially lower. It may happen because of the fact that the traffic represented by the request goes through the supplementary server. As a result, in some cases, these delays can be larger than if you request directly.

Generally, open proxies are used for performing a specific operation in order to achieve a specific target, for instance, to get an access to a particular resource, when the term of speed is not so critically important.

So, sometimes open proxy can pose a problem because this anonymity can provoke the violation of the Web service’s terms and even the law. That’s why the websites of certain Internet services forbid an access to their resources by using open proxy servers. But what is a solution for people who, for example, need to get an access to some websites restricted by the country for business or educational purposes? For this reason, if you are searching for the most reliable and confidential way to bypass the lock, you should address to the competent proxy-seller agency who could consult you on this issue.