The Impact of Social Media Listening through the Netbase Quid Firm

Social media has a significant impact on how companies conduct business. From mentions and shares in platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, companies can track consumer behavior regarding their products. To add to the list is social media listening, which identifies and assesses what people say about a particular company. Replacing the traditional mode of acquiring feedback on products, the process gives real-time results on a global scale. With such a strategy, you can identify the effects of your products from miles away.

Also referred to as social media monitoring, the process helps businesses stay on top of what is happening currently in the world. On a global scale, your business will be aware of what products featured in the top trends in the previous day or weeks. With this information, you can tailor your social media strategy and get a good hit on the intended platform for optimum results. It is essential to look at some of the tools that shape social selling analysis.

Social Media Listening Tools

There are tools employed that help companies understand the data better and interpret it in terms of PR measurement and prospective sales. While some of these tools vary in price, some are free to use while including different pricing plans for businesses and firms.

They include;

  • Google Trends
  • Animoto
  • BuzzSumo
  • Buffer Publish
  • Unsplash
  • Canva
  • Native Analytics
  • Buffer Reply

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

  • Social media monitoring gives a platform for interaction with customers, especially when providing feedback about specific products.
  • Provides room for product quality improvement when customers have issues with a product.
  • Increase customer base by acquiring potential clients on social media, hence increasing sales.
  • Measure your company’s public relations engagement.
  • Social media monitoring helps a company respond to customers’ complaints.
  • The data available on the platforms helps a company to research its markets.
  • Social media tracking helps gain competitive intelligence through public relations activities and marketing strategies posted on social media.

Every company strives to track and analyze the reception and sales of their products in the market. Constant observation of how the client receives your services is very crucial because you get the opportunity to better your services and increase their efficacy to clients. In the case that they are not reaching their projected goals, most serious companies start to seek answers, and this where a company like Netbase Quid comes in.

Netbase Quid is a company that deals with social media analytics and market intelligence. When you have a business, you will have the urge to discover how it is doing from other people’s perspectives. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your products? What do customers say about your products? Are they satisfied? If not, you seek out why. Netbase Quid gains access to every video, audio, text, or mention of your product, and from that, as a company, you can make necessary changes.

Social Media Listening Reports

A social media listening report includes the list of influencers, the number of mentions of a product, the number of followers an influencer has, the number of likes of the particular post. It is important to look at numbers in a business in order to have accurate measure of product reach. When you look at such numbers, as a business, you will understand what marketing strategy to employ and also which social media platform favors you the most. In addition, you get to identify an influencer who you can work with.


The impact of social media is tremendous to many companies all over the world. It is incredible what one Tweet or mention can do to the sales of a single product. Think of a video that goes viral; everyone will look at the video with scrutiny, from the shot location to the fashion and guess what, people will want to associate with such.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial to keep up with what the clients need. If clients point out what they want, as a company, you should consider how to appeal to your audience and, at the same time, cater to their needs. Considering the employment of social media monitoring will help you company grow and increase customer base as you improve on quality product as per the request of your clients.